Sound Engineering


Certification in Sound Engineering - SE101

Learn all the core concepts of sound engineering, mixing and mastering and understand what is analogue and digital Recording. In this course we will make you a master workflow in knowing all the technical aspects Sound theory and core audio signal flow of recording techniques. Module 2 covers the core mixing concepts and techniques which can be applied in any DAW. Module 3 covers the Mastering techniques using DAW plugins and Hardware Mastering. This is like a must have education in the Audio Industry

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Module 1 - Recording & Core Concepts


Introduction to Sound concepts

* Studio Acoustics and Design

* Analogue Core concepts

* Signal Flow of Audio

* Recording Techniques

* Microphones and its working principles

* Knowing Pre-amps, Line Level & DI Boxes

* Gain Structure and setting the right Audio Levels

* Knowing about Metering (dB, dbfs etc.,)

* All about Mic Placements and different Techniques

* Recording Vocals / Instruments / Drums etc. 

Module 2 - Mixing in DAW

Mixing Concepts

* Gain Staging

* Mix Preparation and Session Setup

* Phase Correction

* Signal Flow

* Routing to Different Audio Paths

* EQ & Compression

* Gates & Expander

* Setting the Reverb and Delays

* Drum Mixing / Bass Mixing

* Vocal Mixing

* Groups , Aux &  VCA’s

* Setting the Buss Master

* Advanced Mixing Techniques using Parallel Compression

* Pre-Mixing and Preparing for Final MIX

Module 3 - Mastering

* What is Mastering

* EQ to polish your Song

* Setting the Compression

* Multi-band Compression

* Working on Entire Album or a Single Track Release

* Using WAVES plugins and Stock plugins etc., for Mastering

* Stereo Widening

* Dithering

Duration - 2 Months

Weekdays & Weekends

Monday / Wednesday & Friday

Each session 2 hrs

Sat & Sundays

Each session 3 hrs