Mixing and Mastering mixing and mastering course - MM101


Certification in Mixing & Mastering

 This course is specially designed for those who already have a basic education knowledge in Recording and signal flow of an Audio terminology and has already worked on Digital Audio Workstation's like Protools, Logic Pro, Nuendo or Cubase etc. They will be fully trained in mixing and mastering course like a pro! 

Mixing Techniques - Module 1

 * Gain Staging

* Mix Preparation and Session Setup

* Phase Correction

* Signal Flow

* Routing to Different Audio Paths

* EQ & Compression

* Gates & Expander

* Setting the Reverb and Delays

* Drum Mixing / Bass Mixing

* Vocal Mixing

* Groups , Aux &  VCA’s

* Setting the Buss Master

* Advanced Mixing Techniques using Parallel Compression

* Pre-Mixing and Preparing for Final MIX

Mastering workflow in DAW Module 2

* EQ to polish your Song

* Setting the Compression

* Multi-band Compression

* Working on Entire Album or a Single Track Release

* Using WAVES plugins and Stock plugins etc., for Mastering

* Stereo Widening and Metering

* Dithering

Course Duration - 2 weeks

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Each session 2 hrs

Sat & Sundays

Each session 2 hrs

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