Mixing in Protools

 Learn the industry standard audio software Avid ProTools for Mixing any type of genre in your DAW. You will learn mixing and mastering and the preparation of how to handle large session in Protools DAW and use your stock plugins effectively and mix your songs like the pro engineers. Get your education now and become certified at Digi Sound Academy

Protools Overview & Workflow

* Software & Protools Technology

* Avid Hardware & its use

* Protools session Mangement

* Preparing Protools for mixing

Setting up for Mixing

* Setting Buffer size for sessions

* Session Settings

* Importing files and Managing

* Routing your Audio Tracks

* Using Aux busses 

* Using Groups

* Creating FX buss for Reverbs & Delays

* Using VCA's

* Pre-Mixing

Using Plugins

* Effective use of EQ's

* Using Dynamics (Compressor /Limiter/ Expander and Gates)

* Reverbs & Delays

* Misc Effects etc.

Pre-Mix and Mastering in Protools

* How to do Internal Mixing

* Print your mix for Pre-Mastering

* Setting up your session for Masteing

* Master a single song or an Album

* Plugins used for Mastering

* Hardware mastering

Course Duration - 2 weeks

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Each session 2 hrs

Sat & Sundays

Each session 2 hrs

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