Duration: 2 months

Fees: Rs.65,000/-

Weekly Timetable: 3 Classes ( 10:00 am to 1:00 pm) Evening (3:30 pm to 6:30 pm)

Overview :

If you wanted to Learn all the core concepts and understand what is analog and digital Recording. this course we will make you a master in knowing all the technical aspects Sound theory and core audio signal flow of recording techniques etc. Also, a good sound engineer should have a very good knowledge of an analog mixing desk before jumping directly into DAW. Moreover, the important thing to learn is to know about your microphones and its techniques.

Module 1:

What you will learn

* Introduction to Sound concepts

* Studio Acoustics and Design

* Analogue Core concepts

* Signal Flow of Audio

* Recording Techniques

* Microphones and its working principles

* Knowing Pre-amps, Line Level & DI Boxes

* Gain Structure and setting the right Audio Levels

* Knowing about Metering (dB, dbfs etc.,)

* All about Mic Placements and different Techniques

* Recording Vocals / Instruments / Drums etc.

Module 2:

Mixing is an Art which takes your song to a final Product to the next level. A good mix can really create that polished sounding track so that is was showcases your talent of your music. It's all about your creativity, there are no rules in that as its goes by the feel of the song and not working with static settings in your DAW. It's all about how it sounds great and the end. Whether it's a single Vocal track with a Karaoke music or a full Rock Band or any Genre, you can create an awesome mix using your stock plugins.

* Mixing Concepts

* Gain Staging

* Mix Preparation and Session Setup

* Phase Correction

* Signal Flow

* Routing to Different Audio Paths

* EQ & Compression

* Gates & Expander

* Setting the Reverb and Delays

* Drum Mixing / Bass Mixing

* Vocal Mixing

* Groups , Aux &  VCA’s

* Setting the Buss Master

* Advanced Mixing Techniques using Parallel Compression

* Pre-Mixing and Preparing for Final MIX

Module 3:


* What is Mastering

* EQ to polish your Song

* Setting the Compression

* Multi-band Compression

* Working on Entire Album or a Single Track Release

* Using WAVES plugins and Stock plugins etc., for Mastering

* Stereo Widening

* Dithering

Module 4

  • Introduction to midi
  • Midi Techniques
  • Midi Editing
  • Vocal Production
  • Vocal harmonies
  • Vocoders
  • Automation

Module 5 (optional)

  • Synthesis
  • Rhythm Programming
  • Keyboard programming
  • Advanced midi editing
  • Song arrangement
  • Song structure
  • Chord Progressions
  • Pop music arrangements
  • Virtual Instruments